Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment / gear does BC Motorcycle Training Provide?
BC Motorcycle Training will provide a helmet, gloves, jacket. You will need to bring suitable clothing i.e. sturdy footwear and full-length trousers (jeans are better than joggers).

Do BC provide training motorcycles?
YES. We have a range of bikes from 50cc up to 650cc for DAS training.

How long does a CBT take?
Normally a CBT is a one-day course.

Do I need to bring my driving licence?
YES you do – No licence NO CBT (plastic part only).

How long does my CBT last for?
A CBT lasts for 2 years after which you need to do another, until you have passed your motorcycle test.

Do you sell gift vouchers?
Yes we do, in increments of £5 from £5 upwards.