At BC Motorcycle Training we offer a complete package from CBT to Enhanced rider training.


Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is a training course designed to teach the basic skills required to ride on the road safely.

The CBT is not a test and cannot be failed, it is a one day course.

If your instructor is happy that you have completed all the elements to a competent level you will be issued with a certificate.

We have male and female instructors and are fully qualified and experienced. They will make you feel at ease and ensure that you have an enjoyable day.

On completion of your CBT at the age of 16 you can then ride a maximum of 50cc with L plates, at age 17 you can ride a maximum of 125cc with L plates.


Once you have passed your C.B.T. you can take your Motorcycle Theory Test and then, depending on your age and your circumstances, there are 3 options for you:

  1. Category A1 – Light Motorcycle Licence. For anyone age 17+ but only and option for ages 17 to 19. It requires you to take your test on a bike between 120-125cc and a power output of no more than 14.6bhp. You can then ride any bike up to 125cc with a maximum power output of 14.6bhp.

  2. Category A2 – Standard Motorcycle Licence. For anyone age 19+ and the highest allowed for anyone under the age of 24. It requires you to take your test on a bike at least 395cc with power output between 33bhp and 46.6bhp. You then can ride any bike up to 46.6bhp. After 2 years of holding an A2 licence you can then upgrade to the A category.

  3. Category A – Unrestricted Motorcycle Licence. Available for those aged 24+ or currently held an A2 licence for 2 years or more. This requires you to take a test on a bike of at least 595cc with a power output of at least 53.6bhp. Once passed you can then ride any sized bike without power restrictions.


BC Motorcycle training is proud to proud to be offering UK biking tours

What our customers think of us

Great Company, friendly folks and very professional with excellent results. Thank you for all your help and support.
– Mark Colquitt

Very Friendly, extremely helpful, kind and a good atmosphere. Lots of knowledge, really enjoyed passing my Motorbike tess with the help of BC MT
– Gavin Owen

Honestly couldn’t recommend these guys more if you want to learn to ride a motorbike. Excellent instructors, all the gear you borrow is top quality, clean and tidy. The bikes are mega, maintained to a very high standard.
The thing that made this whole experience for me was the people. I went there, learnt to ride a bike and got a bunch of new friends. Everybody that works there is friendly and this creates an ideal atmosphere for you to feel relaxed and comfortable with your new challenge! I had mark for most of my lessons and he was mega, lovely guy and a great instructor!
If you want to learn for ride a motorbike, this is company to go with.
-Matt Sayle

I started with bc in june i think??? and have never rode a motorcycle before,i rung up to book my cbt with emma to who i explained that i wanted to go straight for my big licence and she was friendly and gave me great advice from the word go….i had paul for my cbt and he made me feel relaxed and made it fun to do,i booked in for my theory the following week and passed that and then rung straight back to book my lessons and here i met mark who would be my instructor for my remaining time with this excellent firm.
mark made it easy to learn everything i needed to with some great riding tips and great sense of humour ….he made it fun to learn and always put me at ease when i was nervous and i can not thank him enough, not only is he a great instructor but a great friend who i will stay intouch with.
well here i am now passed and cant stop smiling……thanks to everyone at bc and anyone looking to learn i couldnt recommend this company enough…lifes too short get a bike and live it lol.
– Ian Wilding

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