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BC Motorcycle Training



To celebrate 20 years of motocycle teaching at BCMT we would like to invite all our former trainess and friends to join us for a morning ride and and an afternoon of refershments and socialsing at BCMT. 

The ride-out is open to riders of all abilities with ans types of bikes with engine size of 125cc or more.  The ride will be a trip into Wales and groups will be split into suitable sizes and bike mixes. On returning from the ride we plan to provide food and refreshments for all to give us all the opportunity to swap biking tales and have a good nosey around each others bikes.

Whether you just come for the ride, the bike meet in the afternoon or both, it shoudl make for a great day for all.

For more information and to get booked in for the day, please contact us at BCMT direclty and keep an eye on our BCMT facebook page for more information.  Please ingnore the ‘book online now’ widget showing on this page as that is for CBTs, not the ride out.  There is no charge for the ride out, but we will be seeking contrubutions for our charities of choice:  Air Ambulance and Fathers for Justice.  

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all.