Lesson Prices

 Pricing correct as of 01 June 2022

  • CBT - Including bike hire
  • CBT - Own Bike
  • CBT - Additional training (per hour)
  • 3 Hour DAS Lesson
  • Use of school bike for Mod 1
  • Use of school bike for Mod 2
  • Advacned Riding/Back to Biking

DAS Training schedule

We aim to get each of our students though the DAS training as efficiently as possible.  3 X 3 hour DAS lessons should be expected before taking each phase of the bike test (Mod 1 and Mod 2).  If we are able to reduce the amount of training, without jeopardising success at test, we will seek to do so.  If we feel a student is not yet ready for test after 3 lessons we would recommend additional training to best ensure a first time pass.  Please contact us for any more information.

Booking terms and conditions

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Back to Biking and Guided Tours

Our back to biking and guided tours are built as bespoke packages to suit the needs of each individual.  Please contacts us directly for more information.